How could 27G support you?

27G-Technology (27G or 27G-T) is a research and development company founded to provide new state-of-the-art solutions for space and special ground applications.

Our portfolio contains unique devices for dosimetry and power management for satellite and remote applications and many other areas. 27G running developments to realize further engineering ideas for a greener and cleaner environment.

Useful solutions

27G makes products for space missions, dosimetry and EMC/EMI shielding applications. Our devices are designed for the highest reliability, proven in several space missions.

Research & Development

27G is in continuous R&D. Beside the development of our products, we are working on numerous projects with companies and acknowledged institutes around the globe. Our expertise includes electrical, mechanical, software and system designs, simulations, analyzes, testing, consultation, tenders and many more.

Custom solutions

We can shape our products to fit your special needs, or we can design and manufacture your unique solution.

Testing and qualification

27G follows the widely accepted ESA (ECSS), NASA and MIL standards during design, development and manufacturing. Our products can be widely used in numerous fields of applications. Custom testing, screening and certification can also be solved.


27G has the world’s smallest electrical dosimeters. Our instruments use fully semiconductor-based technologies to sense and measure the ionizing radiation that reaches the electronics. Applications may include space missions, scientific experiments, nuclear research, medical, safety, industrial applications, and many more…

EMC filters

27G has state-of-the-art power line filters designed to stop the propagation of electric disturbances and information leakage over the power lines. Our filters can be used for shielded and server rooms, EMC laboratories, industrial machinery, and many more…


27G and the 6th European Congress on Radiation Protection (IRPA2022)

27G and the 6th European Congress on Radiation Protection (IRPA2022)

27G participated in the 6th European Congress on Radiation Protection (IRPA2022) in Budapest at the Congress Center on May 31,…

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27G-Technology New Website

27G-Technology New Website

We welcome everyone on our new website that we just launched. 27G-Technology published several new pieces of information about the…

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27G joined to the teams of ESA-BIC

27G joined to the teams of ESA-BIC

27G will closely cooperate in the BIC program of the European Space Agency to make new solutions widely available for…

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