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What is 27G?

27G-Technology (27G or 27G-T) is a research and development company founded to provide new state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solutions for space and special ground applications.

27G solutions include unique dosimetry and power management devices for satellite and remote applications among other areas. 27G is working on developments to realize further engineering ideas for a greener and cleaner environment. The company’s devices are user-friendly, easy to implement and use without the need for additional development. They are designed for the highest reliability and were proven in several space missions.

RadNano Dosimeter

27G’s RadNano electric dosimeter is currently the world’s smallest device for active radiation measurement. It gives micro-satellite developers or operators of other devices access to information about the radiation environment of their application without requiring further client-side development. 

RadNano uses fully semiconductor-based technologies to sense and measure the ionizing radiation that reaches the electronics. Among other benefits, it is highly shock and vibration resistant with dual sensors for high accuracy and reliability. It is ideal to be included in space missions, scientific experiments, nuclear research, medical, safety, industrial applications, and many more use cases.

EMC filter

27G has an advanced power line filter designed to stop the propagation of electric disturbances and information leakage over the power lines. The filter can be used as a three-phase filter; two independent single-phase filters in a dual configuration, or double current 50A single phase or DC configuration is also possible.

The well-researched design facilitates its easy installation and wall mounting, while the electrical contact surfaces allow easy and fast connection of the power lines. It can be of great use in shielded rooms, EMC laboratories, server rooms, industrial machinery, and many more use cases.

How do we work?

Innovative technology

27G makes products for space missions, dosimetry, and EMC/EMI shielding applications. Our devices are designed for the highest reliability and accuracy, already proven in several space missions. The advantage of these top-notch devices lies in their size, ease of application, fully optimized power consumption, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to our solutions, end-users don’t need additional client-facing development, saving time and money for our partners.

Research & Development

27G is conducting continuous R&D. Besides the development of our products and catering to the needs of our clients, we are working on numerous projects with globally recognized companies and acknowledged institutions. In parallel with these, we are constantly working on the betterment of our solutions to help our partners with the most innovative solutions. As a result, we have wide-ranged expertise in electrical, mechanical, software, and system designs, simulations, analyses, testing, consultation, and tenders among others.

Custom solutions

Thanks to our multilateral experience, know-how, and top-notch manufacturing environment in this field, we can customize our products according to the special needs of our partners. We are also capable of delivering fully personalized items that are specifically designed and manufactured to fulfill the custom orders of our clients. As a result of this flexibility and capacity, 27G-Technology can provide a solution to a wide variety of organizations, institutions, and hundreds of use cases.

Testing & qualification

As we are working with delicate technology and want to provide the highest quality to our partners, 27G follows the widely accepted ESA (ECSS), NASA, and MIL standards during design, development, and manufacturing. All of our products are meticulously tested before shipping them to the client, so as to maximize customer satisfaction and rule out any service disturbance. Our products can be widely used in numerous fields of applications. Custom testing, screening, and certification can also be solved upon request.

Solving the problems of micro-satellite developers with innovative technology

Are you a micro-satellite developer organization or institute that needs an auxiliary radiation measurement instrument to monitor the radiation environment of your application? 

We know that nothing is more frustrating for micro-satellite developers than seeing their years of hard work falling apart because their satellites fail due to unknown radiation effects. This is why we’ve designed and manufactured our RadNano dosimeter to aid global organizations in achieving their mission.

The solutions of 27G-Technology are lightweight, secure, and highly reliable. Currently, our dosimeter has the smallest size on the globe (12.7 mm x 12.7 mm, 2.5 mm height), and is fine-tuned for extremely low power consumption (< 10 μW standby, < 10 mW active), while it doesn’t require additional client-side development.

Possible areas of application

100% availability, 0% derangement

Our products are flawlessly operating for:

​​27G Dosimeters’ operational hours
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27G EMC filters’ operational hours
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