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What is 27G?

27G-Technology (27G or 27G-T) is a research and development company based in Hungary. It was founded to provide new state-of-the-art, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement solutions for space and special ground applications.

27G solutions include unique dosimetry and power management devices for satellite and remote applications among other areas. 27G is working on developments to realize further engineering ideas for a greener and cleaner environment. The company’s devices are user-friendly, easy to implement and use without the need for additional development. They are designed for the highest reliability and were proven in several space missions.

27G-Technology is on the top 2020 startups shortlist of the European Space Agency.

The SMOG-P satellite

27G was founded to create technical solutions to support space missions after the successful mission of the SMOG-P satellite. The SMOG-P satellite was launched in 2019, designed and built by talented engineers and lecturers from the Hungarian Budapest University of Technology and Economics, with the objective of mapping the Earth’s electrosmog from space. SMOG-P was the world’s first pocket-sized scientific satellite, with an estimated lifetime of 3 months. Despite the estimations, it was fully functional till its deorbiting, nearly 9 months after its launch. Similarly, the second satellite of the team called “ATL-1” was launched with the same rocket, ordered by a private industrial partner. The mission of ATL-1 was also successful. 

The SMOG-1 satellite

The third space mission of the team was the project of SMOG-1, launched in 2021, which was the advanced version of SMOG-P. Its main goal was to measure the electromagnetic pollution generated by human activity in space around the Earth. As a secondary mission, SMOG-1 was endowed with an experimental radiation measurement system measuring and studying the effect of the solar wind (particles coming from the Sun) on electronics. Thirdly, it contained a special magnetically lossy material, which was placed underneath the solar panels serving as a brake. Due to this method, its lifespan will be reduced from 18-25 years, therefore minimizing the amount of time spent as space debris, after completing the active mission.

The team

Our mission

We are committed to protect our environment, the products are „designed for a lifetime” according to the highest reliability standards. All the 27G products are optimized to use minimal amounts of matter, power, and generate only minimal waste during manufacturing. ISO9100 certification in progress.

100% availability, 0% derangement

Our products are flawlessly operating for:

​​27G Dosimeters’ operational hours
in space without failure

27G EMC filters’ operational hours
without failure

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