27G-Technology (27G or 27G-T) is a research and development company founded to provide new state-of-the-art solutions for space exploration and special ground applications. The company’s portfolio contains unique devices for dosimetry and radiation sensing that are useful for satellite and remote applications and many areas of human life.

27G was founded to create technical solutions to support space missions after the successful mission of the SMOG-P satellite. The core team of 27G contains some engineers of the SMOG satellite developers supported by numerous industrial partners. 27G-Technology has also non-space projects to create highly efficient renewable energy solutions and many more engineering ideas.

We are committed to protect our environment, the products are „designed for a lifetime” according to the highest reliability standards. All the 27G products are optimized to use minimal amounts of matter, power, and generate only minimal waste during manufacturing. ISO9100 certification in progress.

Publications and major appearances recently:

27G-Technology joined to the teams of ESA-BIC Hungary

27G-Technology Company Presentation

27G-Technology is on the top 2020 startups shortlist of the European Space Agency

27G has 100% mission success, our team contributed to the following projects beside the numerous ones that we can’t list due to non-disclosure agreements:

Recent and active projects:

SMOG-P Satellite (2014 – 2020)
ATL-1 Satellite (2017 – 2020)
SMOG-1 Satellite (2014 – Active)
MRC-100 Satellite (TU-Budapest, Planned launch: Q4-2022)

and many other interesting upcoming projects…