RadNano Data Sheet (preliminary)

RadNano Application Note (preliminary)

27G dosimeters are small electrical units, optimized for size and sensitivity. These tiny instruments use semiconductor-based technologies to sense and measure the ionizing radiation that reached the electronics, including gamma, X-ray and proton radiations. 27G-Technology is continuously developing these instruments to improve sensitivity and decrease the overall size and power consumption making these units the best in the world from these aspects. They are completely free of any hazardous materials and designed to easily fit modularly to any electronic system. Each of our dosimeters are electrically tested and shipped with a unique test report. Custom testing, calibration and certification are also possible on request, contact us for more details!

27G dosimeters could be useful for numerous purposes, wherever radiation sensing is important. Applications may include space missions, scientific experiments, nuclear research, medical, safety, industrial applications, and many more…

The listed engineering package, data sheet and application notes could help designers to easily fit the 27G dosimeters to their designs. The engineering package contains technical descriptions and the prepared schematic and footprint libraries for the most commonly used CAD systems.

MTTF > 1.1 M hours (50°C, MIL-HB-217F)

EMC filters

The 27G PLF20A is a state-of-the-art power line filter designed to stop the propagation of electric disturbances and information leakage over the power lines. The filter can be used as a three-phase filter, two independent single-phase filters in dual configuration, or double current 50A single phase or DC configuration also possible. The design facilitates easy installation and wall mounting of the filter, while the electrical contact surfaces allow easy and fast connection of the power lines. Each of our filters are electrically tested and shipped with a unique test report. Various new models are under development, contact us for more information!

Testing solutions

During development, 27G designed and manufactured numerous testing solutions that will be available for others soon, to test their products or developments.

Description and technical data sheets are under preparation, they will be uploaded soon…