RadNano Dosimeter

Measure ionizing radiation with the world’s smallest electronic dosimeter

RadNano is currently the world’s smallest electronic dosimeter, optimized for small size and negligible power consumption. It gives developers or operators access to information about the radiation environment of their application without requiring further client-side development.

RadNano uses semiconductor-based technologies to sense and measure the ionizing radiation that reaches the electronics, including gamma, X-ray, and high-energy proton radiations.

It is completely free of any hazardous materials and designed to modularly fit into any electronic system. This dosimeter is useful for numerous purposes, wherever radiation dosimetry is important. RadNano is an optimal choice for micro-satellite developers, space agencies, satellite developers, and front-end hardware developers alike. Its use cases include space missions, nuclear energy, and research, aviation safety, industrial applications, and many other areas.

Key features

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Satellite operators need feedback about the radiation environment

Nothing is more frustrating for micro-satellite developers than seeing their years of hard work falling apart because their satellites fail due to unknown radiation effects. The impact of current solutions for measuring radiation is too big, not to mention the fact that they are too heavy while their implementation is quite complicated. This is why developers need a better, future-proof way of measuring the effect of radiation on electrical components.

We got you covered

27G-Technology produces a small, energy-efficient dosimeter that gives micro-satellite developers access to information about the radiation environment of their space application without requiring further client-side development. We’ve developed the RadNano dosimeter with efficacy, weight, and ease of implementation in mind, which are factors that developers take into account when selecting dosimetry instruments, to measure gamma, X-ray, and high-energy proton radiations.

Possible areas of application

27G dosimeters are useful in numerous situations, whenever radiation sensing is key. These areas include space missions, scientific experiments, nuclear research and energy, medical, safety, industrial applications as well as aviation safety.

In a nutshell, the RadNano dosimeter is an optimal choice for scientific and industrial organizations and institutions when they want to:

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Engineering Model

RadNano Model

Typical sensitivity range

Model rating








1 mGy to 20 Gy (0.1 rad to 2 krad)

2 mGy to 100 Gy (0.2 rad to 10 krad)

4 mGy to 400 Gy (0.4 rad to 40 krad)

Evaluation Model

Evaluation Board with EM

Space grade

Space grade

Space grade

Please review the RadNano application note for further information!

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