EMC Filter

Stop the propagation of electric disturbances and information leakage with a state-of-the-art solution

The 27G PLF20A EMC filter is an advanced power line filter designed to stop the propagation of electric disturbances and information leakage over the power lines. The main purpose of EMC filters is to prevent interferences in machines and systems. Our filter can be used as a three-phase filter; two independent single-phase filters in dual configuration, or double current 50A single phase or DC configuration also possible. 

Its design facilitates easy installation and wall mounting, while the electrical contact surfaces allow easy and fast connection of the power lines. Each of our filters is electrically tested and shipped with a unique test report. It can be of great use in shielded rooms, EMC laboratories, server rooms, industrial machinery, and many more use cases.

Key features

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Electronics equipment manufacturers need to pass EMC testing in order to achieve EMC compliance to be able to market their products. To significantly reduce the levels of unwanted signals entering and leaving the unit, the circuit has to be designed to meet all electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards. 

Fortunately achieving this is fairly simple with the installation of an efficient and reliable EMC filter. We have specifically designed our EMC filter to fit the needs of manufacturers looking for small, cost-effective, highly efficient, and innovative solutions.

Pass EMC testing and achieve EMC compliance

Possible areas of application

The 27G-Technology EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) filter has been designed and manufactured with utmost care to satisfy the needs of national and international organizations and institutes for whom electric disturbances and high information leakage are unacceptable. Thanks to its dual buildup, and flexible configuration options, the EMC filter can be used in most industrial applications.

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