Two flight models of the new RadNano-2K series shipped for the next satellite of BUTE

We are happy to announce that 27G-Technology has shipped two flight models of the new RadNano-2K series to the MRC-100, the next satellite of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE). The satellite got its name after the 100th anniversary of the Amateur Radio Club of BUTE.

This satellite will be the fifth satellite of BUTE after the successful space missions of MASAT-1, SMOG-P, SMOG-1, and ATL-1 from which our engineers participated in the design and development of all satellites except the first one. MRC-100 will carry out various scientific and technological experiments including two of the new RadNano-2K series optimized for the radiation monitoring of LEO missions.

The integration of the RadNanos happened in the middle of November 2022 by the soldering of the units to the internal PCBs of the MRC-100, electrical testing, and protocol testing with the On-Board Computer. While 27G performed the qualification tests of the new RadNano series, the integrated flight units were thoroughly tested by vibration tests, shock tests, climatic and TVAC tests among many others, and the other modules of the MRC-100. 

The MRC-100 satellite will be launched by a Falcon rocket of SpaceX, probably during Q1 2023. The measurement data of the RadNanos will be available for the public together with the other telemetries collected by the satellite.

Good luck MRC-100, wish you a successful mission!  


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